Reinforce Your Foundation

House Foundation Repair in New Berlin and Milwaukee, WI

Is your basement damp? Are there obvious signs of water on the walls or floors? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you need to call Guaranteed Foundations in Milwaukee, WI right away. Our crew at Guaranteed Foundations has the tools for all your basement waterproofing needs. We’ll get rid of the moisture, repair cracks and waterproof your basement as efficiently as possible.

Call Guaranteed Foundations at 262-794-2018 for basement waterproofing in New Berlin or Milwaukee, WI today.

4 signs you need foundation repair in Milwaukee, WI

If your home feels a little off balance while you move and function within the structure, it may be because of foundations problems. Here are four signs you need foundation repairs for your home in New Berlin or Milwaukee, WI:

  1. Your floors or walls are sloping
  2. Your basement walls are bowing
  3. Your walls and floors are cracked
  4. Your windows and doors don’t open or close correctly

Don’t let your home continue to settle on unsteady foundation. Call Guaranteed Foundations in Milwaukee, WI for slab foundation repairs as soon as possible.